Potency Test with MG/ML 3ml

Potency Test with MG/ML 3ml

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Liquids - 3ML

Calculates the cannabinoid levels by volumetric density.


Please mail or drop your sample off at 10264 Potter Tract Rd., Grand Bay, AL 36541 with required documentation:

  1. Copy of your ADAI License/Your State License
  2. Click here to download required documentation.*

Payments accepted:

1. In person: 10264 Potter Tract Rd., Grand Bay, AL 36541

2. By mail: check/money order/credit card with required documentation*

3. Phone: make a payment via credit card over the phone at 251.865.1899.

4. Online


How to send your sample instructions:

Your sample must meet our size requirement greater or equal to 3g for potency test and/or less than 3ml for potency test with density. Use separate containers for each sample. Place each sample separately in a leak-proof container in a sturdy box or padded envelope. Mail via USPS with required documentation forms included.

Customer will be responsible for shipping cost. If shipping supplies are needed, please call 251.865.1899 or email support@certuslabshemptesting.net.

Test results will be delivered via your provided email. Thank you for choosing Certus Laboratories.